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Neutral gender baby baskets, for boy or the girl, include the most modern, chic clothing items for a new baby. Our neutral baby baskets are contemporary in style for the fashion-forward parents, or for those who are awaiting their new baby and leaving the gender a surprise! All the baby items are top quality, and every item in the neutral gender baskets will have practical use for the new parents receiving it

What is in a Neutral Gender Baby Basket?

Our neutral gender baby baskets include different items of clothing such as onesies, a comfortable one piece suit that is comfortable and warm with its cotton fabric, to ensure your baby’s head is warm, begin at the top with a knit beanie to jumpstart the rest of your baby’s warmth. Secure the bottom half with knit pants to get those little legs warm. Cotton sweater for your baby to have their arms covered in a material strong enough to keep warm and look good. A storybook is available as a tool for parents to bond with their child with at day or night time. Any one of our Jellycat plush dolls, that are durable and soft, the newest friend awaiting your baby’s hold. A teether toy, a fun animal to keep your baby busy biting. A blanket to keep your baby warm as an extra accessory to wrap him or her tightly and soundly. Lotion that is chemical free and safe for baby’s sensitive skin. A wicker basket not only lovely displays and holds all your items in the gift basket but makes for a great décor item for your baby’s nursery afterwards!

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Our gender neutral baby baskets are modern and chic and leave room for options for parents and gift giving because they are not gender bias. The lack of a vibrant pink or a strong blue, but rather calm and fair grey and cream colours allow for parents who chose not to know the gender of their baby so they will not be stuck with a baby boy or a baby girl basket that would not be appropriate for them. Or even if the parents want to kick gender norms to the curb, this inclusive all-in one basket is perfect for any new baby and family!