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Newborn Baby Gifts

Newborn baby gifts can be stressful to arrange, especially if you’ve never had children of your own. There are so many baby gift ideas available online that choosing one becomes an overwhelming task. New born baby gifts should be both functional and stylish. Quality matters when it comes to picking the best baby gifts. Since new babies need so many accessories and adornments, sending high-caliber items is essential. We’ve taken the time to source first-rate new baby gifts, such as non-toxic chew toys, books, bibs and baby care products. The new parents will welcome our carefully selected newborn baby gifts and speedy delivery.;

Baby Gifts FAQ

What is an appropriate baby gift?

An appropriate baby gift will include baby items and accessories which the little bundle of joy will need as they grow. This can include infant clothing, educational books, toys made from natural materials, bibs and receiving blankets. It can be hard to know exactly which products the new parents will need. That’s why we’ve taken the time to assemble newborn baby gifts that feature a little bit of everything they’ll require. This means you don’t have to rely on a hunch and saves you time running around retail stores searching for the best baby gifts.

What do you send parents of newborns?

It’s easy to overlook the new parents and focus gifting only on the newborn baby. While the fresh mom and dad are nesting, anything to help them get through the sleepless nights and long days of child care will be more than welcome. It’s easy to forget that the parents also deserve some love! Some good gifts to consider are a bottle of red wine with some artisanal chocolates and chips. Gourmet treats and comfort foods will go a long way in supporting the new parents especially during the first few challenging months. MyBabyGifts has already thought of mum and dad and offers some affordable ready to send gifts for newborn parents.

What is the most needed baby gift?

The most needed baby gift depends on the age of the little one. For a newborn baby gift, the most needed items are usually diapers, wipes, infant clothing, receiving blankets and chew toys. Usually, the parents and immediate family helps with diaper expenses but baby clothes, blankets and toys are urgently required in the early days. Once the baby gets a little older, they’ll need educational books and plenty of toys and baby care products. If you have to pick only one baby gift, you cannot go wrong with a cute stuffed plush animal. These adorable toys end up becoming a child’s closest companion in the early years.

What do you buy for a baby welcome?

When your sibling or best friend has their first child, naturally you want to prepare the best baby welcome possible! Even before a baby shower gift, it is a wonderful gesture to send a baby welcome package. This usually includes a collection of extremely helpful infant products such as organic clothing, toys, colourful books and lots of bibs. Newborn children require so much care and attention. A great deal of time and stress comes with acquiring everything baby-related so anything you send in your baby welcome gift will be deeply appreciated. Just don’t expect the new parents to surface until the newborn is a little older! However, rest assured that your baby gift will be received with gratitude and the support will go a long way.

What do you buy for a first born baby?

The best children’s gifts to buy for a first born baby are infant toys and little clothes. If you know already that it will be a baby boy or baby girl, you can choose appropriate colours. However, sometimes the new parents are keeping the first born baby’s gender a surprise, in which case sending pink or blue baby items is risky. Instead, the safest thing to do is choose a neutral coloured baby gift. Neutral colours work perfectly for both boys and girls and are usually white and gray. For stuffed animal plush toys, the most popular colours are creamy white and pink for little girls. Chocolate brown, gray or blue animal plushes are the most common picks for first born baby boys.

Baby gifts are meant to celebrate the happiest moment in a couple's life! If you're unsure what to send to a set of new parents on the birth of their new baby, a baby gift basket is the best choice! Baby gift baskets include all the essentials, from cozy, sensitive clothing, to natural, sensitive lotions, adorable plushies, books and more. Picking baby gifts doesn't have to be hard. Send a baby gift basket and take the guess work out of picking the perfect baby gift!