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Gifts for Baby Shower

Are you looking for some creative baby shower gift ideas for your best friend’s baby shower gift? Gifts for baby showers can be tricky to narrow down with so many options for baby shower gifts for mom. When you walk into a maternity store looking for baby shower gifts, you will notice hundreds of items! From onesies made from organic cotton, educational books, muslin blankets and toys galore you will find too many options for your baby shower gift list. Regardless if you are shopping for a baby shower gift for baby boys or baby girls, MyBabyGifts removes the guesswork.

 Baby Shower Gifts FAQ

What is an appropriate baby shower gift?

The most appropriate baby shower gift basket will include infant items which the new parents will require immediately. The first couple months can be an intense period for a new family. Baby shower presents can also include some comfort snacks for the new mom and dad to help get them through the sleepless nights and long days.

What Is the Most Useful Gift for A Baby Shower Gift?

The best baby shower gifts will be something unique and practical that provides lasting quality. Some of the most useful baby shower gift ideas are infant clothes, non-toxic chew toys, educational books and stuffed plushies. Remember for every helpful baby gift, you end up saving the new parents time and money. Not to mention your baby shower present will also help them avoid shopping mall lines and translates to more time spent with their new bundle of joy. 

What is the average gift amount for a baby shower gift? 

The average amount of money to spend for a baby shower gift depends on how closely you know the new parents. Immediate family members usually spend on baby shower gifts anywhere from $50 to $300. Grandparents often look for higher priced items, such as custom engraved muskoka chairs. For close personal friends, the average baby gift amount to budget for is about $100. This includes free baby gift delivery in Toronto and the GTA when shopping with MyBabyGifts.

When Do I Need Baby Gift Delivery?

Sometimes you are invited to a special event like a new baby shower and unfortunately you cannot attend. For these exact circumstances, MyBabyGifts offers reliable and convenient baby gift delivery directly to the home of the new mom and dad. Sending a beautiful baby shower gift delivery full of useful infant items is the next best thing to being there in person.