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Luxury Neutral Gender Gift With Roses


This neutral baby gift basket includes:

12 MIXED ROSES - A bouquet comprised of 12 gorgeous roses with warm colors and captivating aroma. They are professionally hand tied and ready to be placed in a vase and on display in the home. Flowers are a beautiful gift of love and support for parents during this exciting time.

JELLYCAT PLUSH - One of the most popular items in our gift baskets, this bunny plush by Jellycat is extremely adorable. It is very soft and a charming add to the basket, which newborns will love to take everywhere with them, for stroller rides, car rides and even as a snuggle buddy at bed time.


KNIT CARDIGAN- Part of the 3 piece set is a beautiful cardigan that is an amazing extra layer of warmth and chic style to the outfit.

KNIT PANTS - It comes with matching pants that can be worn with the outfit, but also mixed with other outfits put together as well.

KNIT HAT - Finish the look together with an adorable matching hat.

LONG SLEEVE ONESIE - A must have for colder days and winter months, long sleeve onesie is soft and made with organic cotton. It can be worn underneath other layers of sweaters of jackets for your newborn.

SHORT SLEEVE ONESIE - As the weather gets warmer, it is more comfortable to be dressed in something more freeing such as a short sleeve onesie. Parents can never have too many of these to put on their newborn to wear on outings or around the house.

BEANIE WITH EARS - A cute teddy bear looking hat with charming ears to create an amazing photo opportunity of your baby looking super cute. However, the practicality of these hats are important to keep their head warm in the cold.

BLANKET - A neutral colored, chic blanket that is so soft and a necessity for car rides, going out in the stroller or to have around the house for snuggles.

BOO BAMBOO BABY LOTION - This lotion is made without any harmful chemicals so you do not have to stress when using it for your baby. Moisturize their skin while being mindful that it is made only with clean ingredients.

SWADDLE BLANKET - Provide soothing comfort to your little one with a swaddle blanket made with muslin.

ANIMAL WRAP TOWEL - You will look forward to bath time with this playful, animal towel with the cutest face. It will keep your baby dry and snuggled after a warm bath.

STORY BOOK - Let parents bond with their newborn by reading them a cute story with illustrations that will create long, lasting memories.

RATTAN BASKET - Luxurious presentation of the gift in a rattan basket, which can then be reused for other purposes including storage and organization.

Each basket comes with a personalized message that you can add to your order. They are professionally wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow.

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