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Buy your baby plush today to give the best gift for a newborn. Boy or girl, every baby needs a friend! A baby gift basket that features a stuffed animal is the most popular baby gift because its soft and cuddly, perfect for any newborn. When your baby gets hold of the plush once your gift basket is delivered, the precious one will never look happier.

What Plush is Best for a Baby

A plush friend comes in many shapes and sizes. Our most popular plushies are the jellycat plush bunny. It’s a cutte little bunny rabbit that comes in pink, blue, or a beige neutral colour. Baby ganz My First Teddy plush. A teddy bear plush is the perfect animal for your little ones first. This companion also comes in blue, pink, or a beige neutral colour. Moulin Roty’s iconic baby toy the luxurious brown bear. Part of Moulin Roty's 2018 collection launch, this big brown bear is part of their Les Jolis Trop Beaux line. This French brand uses the finest materials and top design qualities to create their soft plushes. Lastly, is Julius The Dog also a Moulin Roty plush. From their La Grande Famille collection, this 13-inch-tall puppy is part of our most loved baby gift baskets.

Why a Baby Needs a Plush

A plush is a baby’s best friend. Other than with immediate family, like mom, dad, sister or brother, or grandparents, granted inanimate, a plush will be the first interaction your baby has. That plush will be something to hold, to talk to, to play with, to cuddle with. A plush opens a world of imagination for a baby. It can go on adventures with, be the star of a show, be the ruler of a kingdom, anything your baby wants it to be. In addition, plush toys help kids develop social and humanly qualities like love, compassion, and tenderness. They will nurture that plush and feel empathy as if its real. They will console an “upset” plush and the doll will hug right back. They are mechanisms used to distress and ease with anxiety. Stuffed animals can help draw emotions that are untapped. Then, extricate those emotions and bring them to life because they symbolize comfort, reassurance, and familiarity.

Buy your Newborn a Stuffed Animal 

This pretend play with their plush doll is important because when your baby mimics the familiar, such as setting a scene like a tea party or putting on a talent show, or going for a walk, there is things within each play time that will eventually become part of their regular routines as they grow older. The interaction between plush and baby encourage social skills aforementioned as well as develops speech and language skills. Your baby may not have the confidence to speak aloud just yet but talking when they are alone, that intimate time with their plush is crucial in the development of your baby. It garners an appreciation for relationships which will translate to people.