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Baby clothes are included in all our newborn gift baskets Canada. The most popular baby gift for a baby boy, baby girl, or gender neutral preference, is trendy items that give new parents the option to style their baby in any adorable clothing they please. Dress your baby in clothes that he or she will feel comfortable and will love soft up against their skin but also look good! You want variety in your baby’s clothes because their temperature more than any stage in your life changes so frequently and sporadically.

What Clothes to Buy for a Newborn Baby

A onesie is a one piece suit that gets your baby in one singular item of clothing. Onesies are useful as a layering item in colder temperatures because they are not bulky in fabric so parents can dress their baby in another shirt or pants if need be or otherwise the onesie alone suffices as a suitable outfit. A onesie also can keep your baby’s tummy and chest warm because a onesie will not ride up and move around like a skirt for example would when mom or dad carries them. Speaking of clothes to layer over the onesie our matching knit pants and long sleeve shirt are options for those days that are colder and additional clothing is required for your little one to stay warm. Mittens are important to keep your baby’s little hands warm from the cold as well as keep them protected from sharp and dangerous objects. As much as the hat makes your baby extra cute it is a very important item of baby clothing when heat starts at the top and works its way down. Have your baby’s head warm and the rest will follow. We offer knit cardigans as an additional luxe piece to pair with your baby boy or baby girl’s outfit.

Why Newborns Should Wear Clothes

A good night’s sleep and naptime are so important for a baby because they influence critical abilities. Sleep ultimately helps build your baby’s brain. Therefore, when its time for bed or a nap, you want your baby to be as comfortable and cozy as possible so they will be well rested. A sleeper is the ideal clothing item for baby’s to feel relaxed and at ease so those critical abilities such as impulse control, language, and attention will learn and develop. Lastly, to keep all clothes clean, a bib cannot be forgotten or overlooked. Children are often messy eaters and the last thing you want to throw away money on is constantly buying new clothes because the old ones were ruined with messy tomato sauce or chocolate ice cream. A bib fits the bill for keeping your baby and his or her clothes fresh and clean preventing future spillage and keeping the food and drinks in your baby’s mouth and not on their body.

Buy Baby Clothes Online

Buy your baby clothes online through My Baby Baskets. Overall, clothes even as early as for your baby are significant because it is what they have on for an entire day, so it’s the first material they are feeling from morning until night so you want them to be comfortable with what you're putting on their body and you also want clothes that your baby, he or she, will like visually