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Baby books are so important because it gets parents to start reading to their children as early as a newborn baby. The time spent between new parents and their baby is so precious and special.

Most Popular Books for Newborn Babies

The most popular books we sell are “Ten Tiny Toes”, ‘Sweet Child of Mine’, and “GoodNight I Love you”, all by the bestselling author and illustrator Caroline Jayne Church. We also offer book titles “My Little Zoo” and “Baby Animals” by Baby Town. Also, to go along with the Jellycat plush, this iconic brand wrote, “The Magic Bunny” and the baby board book illustrating the story of Sophie The Giraffe is “Sophie and Friends”. The delightful book about Sophie the giraffe and her friends Gabin, Josephine, Kiwi, Lazare, and Margot. Originally published in French by author Dawn Sirett. Reading time for night or day is so pivotal for so many benefits for your newborn.

Why Parents Should Read to their Baby

First, as a parent this is a perfect bonding experience for a baby to fall into a slumber to the sound of mommy or daddy’s voice. A baby can reach their little hands out to touch pictures and feel the pages. The colourful illustrations spark the imaginations of these young and fragile minds and help develop early hand eye coordination. The fun little flaps in the board books give your baby tiny surprises as they read along. There is a simple rhyming scheme that audibly babies will latch onto to but it also helps learning language to mentally learn new words based off similar sounding words.

Reading encourages your baby boy or baby girl to point,, look, answer questions, and touch. These actions and responses act as an interactive experience. Recognizing pictures, learning words, and copying sounds boost your baby’s brain power and helps improve thinking and cognitive skills. All in all, through holding the book close to your baby, enjoying each other’s company, your baby will smile, laugh, or get excited!