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Get baby blankets for new parents to celebrate the birth of their newborn! The best baby blanket is one that is warm and cozy. Our plush baby blankets are made soft, with 100% cotton material; perfect for your little one's safety and care.

What Kind of Blanket do you Need for Baby?  

The kind of blankets you need for baby are types that are soft and gentile, made specifically with the care in mind of baby's sensitive skin. Our gender neutral, baby boy, and baby girl swaddle blankets is just one kind of blanket suitable for baby's needs. Swaddle blankets allow for mom and dad to tightly wrap their baby in this fabric. This womb-like sensation, is important  because babies feel most safe and secure when coddled. Cellular baby blankets are made from a modern chic material, the many holes making it breathable and light, providing ultimate comfort for your baby.

Why Blankets are safe for Babies

Blankets are safe for babies because swaddling your precious one is an effective parenting technique because it doesn't allow for any extra room to get into your baby's airspaces; thus eliminating potential disturbances and discomfort. A newborn baby boy or baby girl has what is called a startle reflex. This is when babies will reach out with their arms and hands or kick out with their legs and feet. This is a normal reaction and they are doing this as a response to their new environment and the changes that go with it. With swaddle blankets however, your babies arms and legs are under control and safety wrapped, so your baby is more likely to have a safe, undisturbed, sound sleep. Another kind of blanket you need for baby are receiving blankets.

Best Baby Blankets 

The best baby blankets are receiving blankets because they can also be used for swaddling but serve other purposes as well. Receiving blankets are parent's choice plush baby blanket. When walking with your baby in a stroller, you can use this durable material as a protective shield to cover your baby from the sun or from the rain. If you need a play mat when at the park on the grass, or at a friend's house, receiving blankets fit the role. If you need an extra cloth for burping your little one or cleaning up a spill of his or hers, this blanket does it all! 

Baby Blankets Canada 

Baby blankets Canada can be found on when you shop online at our website, Our baby blankets patterns include pink, blue, and white themed, with animals and other cute designs laid out all throughout the cotton. The variety in our patterns give parents choices when buying for a baby girl, baby boy, or if you prefer unisex for your baby. The best baby blankets 2021 keep your newborn safe, secure, warm, and cozy. It makes him or her feel comfortable and feel at ease, night and day. When not sleeping or cuddling with their soft plush cotton, parents will find many other uses during feeding, walking, and playtime. Once your baby grabs hold, your precious one will love the feeling of self-soothing and the many wonders a baby blanket will provide!