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Chardonnay Wine Yellow Tail, Australia


Uncork a first class bottle of artful Australian Chardonnay. This extra dry wine is medium bodied and entrances your senses with subtle notes of pastry and bread, underscored with a soft tang of fruit and nuts. From one of Australia’s most prominent wineries, this bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay wine has a smooth, gentle bouquet with a warm aroma of pear and sweet floral notes. A premium bottle of fine wine, it leaves a delightful tang on the tongue and finishes with a mellow spice that entrances the taste buds.

Discover a bottle of this rich Chardonnay. From roast chicken to spicy spaghetti. the subtle, striking flavor of Yellowtail Chardonnay wonderfully complements a range of dishes without overpowering them. A perfect gift for your friends and loved ones, there is no dinner party or celebratory event that wont be improved with a wonderful bottle of this exceptional Chardonnay.