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Wine and Lindt


This luxury gift is perfect for parents to enjoy, especially after a long day caring for their newest addition to the family. This gift includes:

LINDT CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE BOX: This box of Lindt milk chocolate truffles from Lindor are irresistibly smooth and decadent, it will be no surprise if you want to indulge in the whole box yourself!

PREMIUM BERINGER RED WINE: We had to include only the finest wine in one of our best luxury gifts, and this bottle of red wine is exactly it. This classic red wine has a full-boded taste, and it makes a perfect pair with meals, or with snacking on fruit or cheese, or just enjoying it on its own. This gift includes one (1) 750 mL bottle of premium quality Napa Valley Cabernet.

SHOPPING BAG: A high-quality luxury shopping bag is a must-have for all households, especially with a new one in the family! Carry around all of your baby's necessities, your grocery items, or your new bottle of wine and chocolate for date-night. This high-quality bag is so versatile!