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White Baby Container


Put 4 to 7 baby items (blankets, clothes, plush, etc) in this white baby container as the perfect foundation to start your baby gift basket. Even after you’ve received your customized gift Canada, the container itself fits right into your nursery as either storage or décor.

This baby container comes in a white neutral colour making it ideal for those who do not want to be gender specific. Choose this basket as your foundational piece to start your basket and build your gift from there. Whether it’s a baby boy onesie, or a baby girl receiving blanket, or a big sister plush, or a 3-piece knit outfit, any 4 baby products that you add to assemble your gift, up to 7 items total will fit comfortably and beautifully in this white baby container.

For parents, this box can store all your baby essentials from diapers, to clothes, to wipes, to blankets, to bottles, to soothers, to toys, to formulas, to plush! It is large enough for your baby items to not feel cramped or get ruined by squishing everything together. It also fits in stylistically to the theme of a baby nursery; not standing out specifically as a noticeable basket. It’ is a sleek and simple baby storage unit to best keep your newborn’s room organized and tidy.