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Welcome Gift For Baby Girl Large


This Welcome Gift For Baby Girl Large includes:

JELLYCAT PLUSH- Made by the incomparable Jellycat, this bunny plush is extremely adorable and super soft. It is the best snuggle buddy and will be a best friend for any newborn.


ONESIE- A neutral colored onesie that can be worn casually for any day.

BIB- You can never have too many bibs when its meal or snack time. Messes are bound to happen so it's always best to have a bib for them to wear.

SLEEPER - They will get the best sleep with this comfortable sleeper that parents can dress them in before bed time.

HAT- The cutest matching hat in the set to wear during colder, rainy days to ensure their ears and head are kept warm.

SOCKS- A pair of socks to keep their toes nice and warm.

KNIT BLANKET- There is nothing better than a good quality blanket that is super soft made by Lulujo to keep your newborn wrapped up and warm.

WHITE WICKER BASKET- To match the aesthetic and tie the gift together, this basket is excellent and can be reused for multipurposes.