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Welcome Gift For Baby Boy or Girl Large


This Welcome Gift For Baby Boy or Girl Large gift basket includes:

THEODORE ELEPHANT PLUSH - A cute and sweet elephant plush that is excellenty crafted. It will become their best friend and give them someone to bring around on daily adventures in and outside the house.

LULUJO COTTON BLANKET - The softest, knitted blanket that will keep your newborn feeling extra warm. Perfect for cuddles and snuggling them in your arms while ensuring they are warm and toasty.

ONESIE - Comfortable onesie to wear around the house to feel liberating and at ease. Your little one will truly enjoy the comfort of this neutral onesie.

SLEEPER - Parents can dress their newborns in this sleeper and ensure it is comfortable and soft. It will allow them to sleep peacefully while also looking super adorable.

BIB - The best to have at snack time and while they are eating meals, and can hopefully catch a few spills.

HAT - Mastching hat to wear on colder days to keep their head and ears warm.

MITTENS - Place these on your little one's hands to keep their hands and fingers nice and warm.

WHITE WICKER BASKET - The gift is held together in a wicker basket that can then be reused for other storage purposes around the house.