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Welcome Gift For Baby Boy Large


This Welcome Gift For Baby Boy Large includes:

JELLYCAT PLUSH - The softest and most adorable bunny plush that is such an amazing addition to the baby basket. It will be a wonderul friend for a newborn to grow up with and bring around on the daily.

BABY LOTION - Ensure your baby's skin is kept hydrated and healthy with this baby lotion.

CELLULAR KNIT BLANKET - Made by Lulujo, this blanket is extremely soft and will keep them warm when it is cold. You can wrap them up in your arms using this blanket for cuddles.


FOOTED SLEEPER- Cannot get enough of comfortable sleepers for them to be able to sleep peacefully and feel comfortable in.

ONESIE- Neutral colored onesie that can be worn casually around the house or under other sweaters and such before headed out with their parents for the day.

BIB- A necessity have that all parents will appreciate. A cute bib that will capture a few of the spills and messes.

HAT- In winter months and chillier days, you can use this hat to keep them feeling toasty and warm.

MITTENS- Matching baby mittens to place over their hands to keep their fingers and hands warm.

WILLOW BASKET - A gorgeous basket that ties the gift together in an elegant way with wonderful presentation. The basket can later be reused as the recipient sees fit.