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Welcome Gift for Baby Boy


The Welcome Baby Boy Gift includes:

PLUSH TEDDY: My First Teddy by Baby Gund is just waiting to be held by your baby boy. The super soft material blue plush is what keeps your little one coming back for more hugs and more fun!

CLOTHING SET: This clothing set made of 100% cotton includes the following 5-pieces:

SLEEPERS: This one-piece garment has long sleeves and long legs to keep your baby boy cozy as he rests his head down at night.

ONESIE: Our onesie will stay in place and keep your baby’s tummy and back from being exposed.

HAT: You don’t want your newborn boy’s head to get cold in Canada with the high winds and cool temperatures. Try this hat on for size to keep him toasty!

BIB: Keep the food in their mouth and not on their clothes with this baby blue bib!

MITTENS: Put these mittens on to protect your baby from unnecessary ouches! Also, he’ll stay warm.

BLANKET: This isn’t any ordinary blanket! Made from premium materials, our luxurious swaddling blanket will securely wrap around your baby boy so they cannot wriggle out. No more loose blankets keeping both the warmth in and the baby wrapped soundly.

BOOK: Pick up this book and have your baby follow along with the colourful illustrations!

BASKET: This rectangular shaped premium basket is white and centered with a bow. This basket can also be used for storage within your baby boy’s nursery.