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Welcome Gift Cat Plush Girl Large


Welcome Gift Cat Plush Girl Large Includes:

CAT PLUSH - Amazing crafted and quality cat plush. It is super sweet and looks very adorable to give to any newborn that will adore it.


SLEEPERS - >A comfortable piece to dress your newborn up in to be extremely comfortable when they nap and go to sleep.

BODYSUIT - Bodysuit to wear comfortably around the house or can be used to wear before going on a stroller ride, car ride, etc.

BIB - Parents will truly appreciate a lot of bibs to wear when it is time to eat.

MITTENS- Adorable baby mittens that are perfectly sized to cover their hands and keep them warm.

HAT - On days where the temperature drops and it is colder, you can use this hat to make sure they are warm.

LULUJO KNIT BLANKET - Durable and great quality blanket by Lulujo to ensure that your baby is kept warm and cozy. Snuggle them up and give them the sweetest cuddles.

WHITE WICKER BASKET - Stunning white wicker basket tying the gift together in its entirety and can then be kept for storage or as an organizational tool around the home.