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Theodore Elephant Luxury Baby Gift


What better way to express your best wishes and congratulations to parents who have just welcomed their newborn. This adorable baby gift basket is a unique way to show your support and happiness for parents at this exciting time in their life.

The Theodore Elephant Luxury Baby Gift includes:

KNITTED ELEPHANT- This extremely cute elephant plush is adorable and soft. Any newborn will instantly fall in love with their new plush friend, and can hold on to it as they grow into a toddler.

NATURAL BABY LOTION- Soothe your baby’s skin with this excellent natural baby lotion that is safe, good to moisturize and keep their skin feeling hydrated.

LULUJO COTTON BLANKET- This cotton blanket is extremely soft and will keep your newborn extra warm when you wrap them up. Made with top quality by Lulujo.

SWADDLE BLANKET- Classic muslin made swaddle blanket that is extremely helpful for parents to hold their newborn, while ensuring they are kept warm and made with soft material.

JUTE BASKET- Use this gorgeous jute basket to place blankets or baby items inside to keep organized after everything is taken out of it.