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Ten Tiny Toes Reading Book


Ten Tiny Toes reading book is filled with delightful toddler art and playful rhymes. Caroline Jayne Church, the bestselling illustrator and author is back with her rendition on the classic, “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” story. Ten Tiny Toes will teach kids to celebrate and love every part of their body and themselves.

The colourful illustrations will capture your son or daughter’s attention and the story is educational; helping your baby to learn their body parts. They can touch the corresponding body part to follow along and learn. This type of interactive experience, getting your newborn involved in touching, pointing, looking, and asking questions encourages learning.

Ten Tiny Toes is a board book so it is built stronger and more durable than most other children's books. It is meant to withstand your baby's tugs and tosses and still remain in top condition. It can last through nightly reads, and even as your baby grows into infancy, the storybook will be there waiting for him or her to hold in hand and engage and immerse themselves in text and visuals.