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Swaddle Blanket 2 Pack Set


Send your swaddle blanket 2 pack set to new parents and their newborn right away! A swaddling blanket is specifically used to swaddle. To wrap your baby in a blanket, thin, in hopes to help them feel secure, safe, or calm them down altogether.

A swaddling blanket is smaller in size and has snaps for the sides to secure the safety of your baby. Babies love to be swaddled because when they are wrapped tightly, they feel more at ease and as a result, they are more comfortable and relaxed. When your baby boy or baby girl is wrapped in their swaddling blanket, there is no worry of him or her flailing their arms and legs because of the tight security of the nature of this blanket.

This is important because otherwise, there is a cause for a concern that your baby is more likely to wake up from sleep because their startle reflex is triggered. A newborn needs time for their internal body temperature to set, adjusting to the world and all its changing surroundings. A swaddle assists a baby is staying warm and cozy until enough time has passed and his or her internal thermostat initiates itself. This swaddling blanket is perfect for day naps or a sleep at night. Any time of day and any place, this super soft cotton blanket will help in keeping your baby sound asleep.

This pack comes in a set of two, meaning new parents can change between swaddling blankets when one is dirty or just needs to be washed, there is another waiting in the package to swaddle your baby without missing a beat!