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Plush Bunny So Cute


Charming, sweet and huggable, this soft plush Bunny is the perfect gift to bring to a newborn baby shower or baby birthday party. This soft, gentle plush toy is made from premium materials and assembled with the most care and consideration. With their grabbing hands and curiosity, so many toys can be dangerous for small babies, but this impeccably designed soft baby plush toy is one you can trust. There are no small parts or harmful materials, so you can rest easy knowing your new little baby is safe and cared for.

Give a lovable plush bunny rabbit alongside one of our luxury baby gift baskets and provide the new or expecting parents with so many essential baby items. This precious stuffed bunny toy is also an incredible and thoughtful present to gift on its own. See the smile on the little ones face as they wrap their arms around their ultra soft and super huggable new friend.