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Rendola Rosso Toscano Premium Wine


Every bottle of Rendola Rosso Toscano is a gorgeous selection of fine wine, with a medium ruby red and garnet color and satisfying long finish. Send a luxury bottle of this excellent wine to friends and family as a special gift during the holiday season or uncork a bottle at your own social event or intimate dinner. This premium red has a charming nose that offers notes of toast, vanilla, plum and candied fruit. Extra dry and medium bodied, this fruity wine is perfectly balanced on the palate and offers a delightfully long finish that carries through satisfying vanilla notes.

Flavorful notes of red fruit, blackberry and plum contrast with hints of oak, espresso and vanilla for a balanced profile that is a treat for your senses. This remarkable red from Rendola Rosso is extra dry with a medium body and ripe tannins. The pleasant fruitiness is balanced on the palate, and the bold structure offers a delightful mouthfeel.