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Receiving Blankets Set Baby Boy 4 Pack


A receiving blankets set baby boy 4 pack are the perfect gift in our baby gift baskets Canada collection! Made from 100% cotton, this premium high quality fabric is flexible in functionality and is multi-purposeful.

A couple of its many uses are as a play mat. You may be at the park looking to sit your baby boy down to have some fun and now you can easily put your receiving blanket down as a cover from the ground. Maybe you’re having a play date and you are going over to another friend’s house, a receiving blanket is a easy carry option to have while he plays on the living room floor.

In addition, to play mats, receiving blankets make for great over-sized burp cloths. Babies can make big messes very quickly and frequently. Thanks to this absorbable cotton, this fabric can be retooled to cleanup spills, spit ups, or other baby hiccups. Moms who have to nurse on-the-go, and need a little privacy with their baby boy can easily pack their receiving blanket in their designated diaper or nursing bag without any issues!  There are many other activities or tasks a mom or dad can perform with a receiving blanket.

However, the most prominent is for swaddling. This high class of cotton material is super soft and breathable making it perfect to wrap your little guy comfortably snug creating a womb-like environment. It is important to create such great levels of security and safety because babies need such comfort to feel at ease. As the aforementioned stated, there are a plethora of reasons why a receiving blanket is a valuable asset in nursing your baby in and outside the home. Thus, we have included four receiving blankets in this package to maximize convenience and efficiency when taking care of a newborn baby boy!