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Receiving Blankets Baby Girl Pack of 4


Get your receiving blankets baby girl pack 4 included in your gift basket delivery today! This 100% cotton, high quality premium material is the superior blanket for your little princess. Receiving blankets are light. The lightweight fabric is important because when your baby is swaddled, she won’t overheat or feel too heavy but the warmth that babies so desperately desire stays.

In addition, the lightweight stature makes it an easy on-the-go versatile accessory. Taking a stroll in the park and your little baby girl is sitting in your stroller but the sun is hitting hard on her bare skin. Use a receiving blanket as a protective shield against the harsh UV rays of Mother Nature. Or maybe mid-way through your walk, it begins to rain and unfortunately your controller doesn’t have a piece to cover your baby girl.

Likewise, a receiving blanket is the solution to shelter your precious little one from the downpour. After the time spent outdoors, maybe you go over to a friend’s house for your baby girl to have a play date with her best friend. The receiving blanket can easily be brought over and used as a play mat. Stuff it in your nursery bag and easily transport it anywhere and everywhere!

Receiving blankets are absorbable so any random spills, spit-ups, or baby dribbles can be cleaned up. And following a long day, easily wash your receiving blanket to have it fresh and clean to wrap your baby warm and cozy in. This bundle of receiving blankets consist of  four of the highest quality cotton fabrics for all your baby needs!