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Beringer Premium Chardonnay wine


A bottle of premium Chardonnay from one of California's oldest and most famous wineries. This delicious white wine has a bright taste of pear and citrus fruit that is enhanced by its zesty acidity. A luscious Chardonnay with a soft bouquet and pleasant aroma that wafts over your senses with a delightful fruity scent and just a hint of subtle vanilla. The taste of this fine wine leaves a delicate tang on the tongue and finishes with a mellow spice that entrances the taste buds. 

This flavorful wine is ideally paired with a premium meal such as buttery lobster or other creamy, rich dishes. A bottle of Beringer Premium Chardonnay wine is the perfect complement to rich risotto and creamy pasta dishes. Guaranteed to delight at dinner parties and celebrations, a gift of this beautiful and flavorful bottle of upscale wine will impress friends and surprise loved ones.