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Premium Rattan Baby Basket


In our premium rattan baby basket, add 6 to 12 baby items (clothes, blankets, lotions, etc) to showcase your beautiful assortment of gifts. This high quality wicker elegantly displays all desired baby products of your choosing when you customize your baby basket!

A hand-woven basket, constructed using only the best rattan material. It is woven and intertwined within each layer of itself with a handcrafted style that adds a modern chic look to the overall presentation of the basket, but makes for a great baby gift as well. It is a versatile piece of baby novelty because of how much it can carry and hold. If parents wish to keep the baby basket at home, then it can serve as a very useful storage unit.

Conversely, if they need a big enough basket to carry baby clothes, a blanket, a book, a plush, lotions, and other baby items, for a road trip or a day at the beach, then this hand-woven basket fits that role beautifully. This basket effectively adds an extra level of refinement to many of the special moments and occasions in a young baby’s life. This is a baby basket idea that is trendy as it is unique. A DIY basket where the baby basket carrier itself is as poignant and purposeful as the other items are featured in the basket too.