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Premium Muskoka Chair Gift For Baby Boy


The Premium Muskoka Chair Gift For Baby Boy Includes:

BABY MUSKOKA CHAIR- This luxury baby boy gift basket includes this lovely Muskoka chair. Crafted from genuine Ontario pine, this kid-size chair is such a lovely addition to your baby’s nursery. This is perfect for story time when your baby grows up, or for any other little ones around the house.

3 PIECE KNIT SET: A stylish and comfortable matching set

BUTTON UP KNIT CARDIGAN- This knit cardigan is an essential piece to any baby wardrobe. This soft and warm cardigan will keep you baby warm and relaxed. 

KNIT PANTS- Matching knit pants to complete the outfit, these comfortable pants are easy to put on and soft. 

KNIT BEANIE- The final piece to this matching set, this knit beanie is soft and will keep your babies head warm. 

LULUJO KNIT BLANKET- Soft knit blanket, perfect to carry on the go and while traveling. This blanket is breathable, made with organic cotton and very light. 

JELLYCAT BUNNY PLUSH- This premium jellycat bunny with be the new forever favourite plush. Soft and squishy, this plush is the perfect size for all children to hug and play with.