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Premium Baby Girl Muskoka Chair Gift


This Premium Muskoka Chair Baby Girl Gift includes:

MUSKOKA CHAIR: The star of this premium baby girl gift basket is this lovely Muskoka chair. Crafted from genuine Ontario pine, this kid-size chair is such a lovely addition to your baby’s nursery. This is perfect for story time when your baby grows up, or for any other little ones around the house.

3-PIECE KNIT SET: This adorable white knit set includes:

SWEATER: From arm to arm your little girl will be incredibly cozy and warm in this cute little sweater, and she will look so trendy too!

PANTS: These pants made from the finest cotton and knit will ensure that your baby is always kept warm and always looking stylish.

HAT: You always want to make sure your baby is cozy and comfy from head to toe, and this knitted hat made from 100% cotton fabric will guarantee to keep your little one warm all day long.

BODYSUIT: This fully washable 100% cotton bodysuit will give your baby girl the comfort she needs to explore and play at any time of day.

BABY BOOK: This baby book will help your baby girl develop and improve their cognitive skills from such an early age, and she will love falling off to sleep to the sound of your voice reading her this cheerful story.

BLANKET: Made from premium quality 100% cotton, nothing quite beats the feeling of wrapping your baby in this ultra-soft and comfortable blanket. This luxury baby gift includes only the finest baby items that your little one will absolutely love.

LARGE PLUSH BUNNY: Meet this Large Bashful Bunny from Jellycat – your little girl’s newest best friend. Designed and fully tested to be played with by little ones of all ages, including newborns, this bunny plush sure will put a smile on your baby girl’s face. Remember not to leave this plush in your little one’s crib or bassinet, and to wash this plush only by hand.