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Precious Girl With Cat Plush


The Precious Girl With Cat Plush Includes:

AVA CAT - Give the gift of an adorable cat plush that is super sweet and irresistible. Great quality and looks super adorable.

BABY BOOK - Read the cutest bedtime story with pictures

4 RECEIVING BLANKETS - Blankets that have really cute designs and can be used for stroller rides, car rides and more.


KNIT BUTTON CARDIGAN - A cardigan is always nice to have as a layer on top and a great accent piece to any outfit.

KNIT PANTS - You can mix and match outfits with these pants that are adorable and super chic.

KNIT HAT - An adorable finish to this sweet set, a cute hat to wear on days that are colder.


SLEEPERS - The cutest designed sleeper that is also very soft and good material to ensure they get a good night's rest.

BODYSUIT - Dress them up in a bodysuit that is comfortable and breathable.

BIB - Catch a few messes and spills, parents can never have too many bibs.

MITTENS - Baby mittens that will keep their hands and fingers warm.

HAT- Adorable hat to dress them in on colder days.

BROWN WICKER BASKET - This basket is a good size that holds the gift together, but can later be repurposed to carry toys or organize anything around the home as needed.