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Precious Girl Cat Plush With Flowers


The Precious Girl Cat Plush With Flowers Includes:

FLOWER ARRANGEMENT- A stunning flower arrangement including various colored roses and flower types that create an elegant visual. This is a wonderful gift and gesture to celebrate parents during this exciting time in their life.

AVA CAT PLUSH - Ava the adorable cat plush that anyone would fall in love with. Give this gift so any newborn has a best friend to grow up with and take around with them wherever they go.

4 RECEIVING BLANKETS - Pack of blankets that can be used on car rides, stroller rides or simply around the house to keep warm.

BABY BOOK - With the sweetest pictures and story, this baby book is a wonderful opportunity to read to your baby and create those bonding memories.


HAT- A matching hat to finish this set that is a necessity to have on colder days.

BIB - Put this on before a meal or snack time so it catches some spills.

FOOTED SLEEPERS - Cutest onesie sleeper that is made with soft material and will ensure a good night’s rest.

MITTENS- Adorable baby mittens to put over their hands to keep them warm.

SHORT SLEEVE BODYSUIT - An easy to wear bodysuit that is casual and loungewear, but can also be worn under a sweater and other clothing articles.


KNIT CARDIGAN- Sweet cardigan to wear over an outfit that looks very stylish while also being an extra layer of warmth.

KNIT PANTS - These pants can be worn together with the outfit or mixed and matched with other outfits.

KNIT HAT - The final finish to this set with a knit hat that can be worn to complete the look.

PREMIUM WICKER BASKET - Stunning wicker basket that holds the entire gift together and presents it in a gorgeous way.