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Organic Cotton Baby Bag


Buy your organic cotton baby bag and add 3 to 5 items (clothes, plush, blankets, etc), when you assemble your baby gift basket. This rustic hamper is large enough to carry the perfect number for any collection of baby products you wish to customize together.

The best feature of this baby bag is once you receive your gift basket, the bag itself is multi-functional! This type of basket is a 100% organic cotton hamper. It is a stylish baby bag, chic, and clean looking. It is an effective baby item for storage as it has the space to hold enough items if mom and dad are on the road with their baby and need to carry all their baby essentials such as lotions, some extra clothes, sunscreen, a blanket, packets of baby food, and more.

If not in use, the hippo themed baby bag fits in effortlessly in the overall aesthetic of nursery décor. The best baby bag is eco-friendly and safe for your baby. With the aforementioned cute cartoon grey hippo, your baby will love as much as the parents love its helpfulness. Any plain generic regular looking bag isn’t fun or imaginative for your child. This baby bag will sure to put a smile on his or her face and the organic cotton material is perfect for the environment and soft and easy on the skin.