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Organic Baby Gift and Rose Wine


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This Organic Baby Gift includes:

JELLYCAT BUNNY: This adorable bunny plush from Jellycat will be your little one's newest best friend from the moment they meet. Our baby gifts include only the most precious gifts for your little ones to love.

ORGANIC FOOTIE: Bundle your little one up in this cute footie from Silkbery, made from 100% organic cotton.

ORGANIC BLANKET: You can swaddle your baby with ease knowing you are comforting your little one with only the finest material with this 100% organic cotton blanket.

COTES DES ROSES: We couldn't make the best baby gift without having a little something for parents too! Celebrate the arrival of your loved one with this beautiful bottle of Cotes des Roses from Gérard Bertrand. This delightful Rosé wine has vibrant red fruit, citrus, and herbal tones.