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Muskoka Baby Chair


This Muskoka baby chair can add 5 to 10 items such as baby clothes, blankets, plush, etc when customizing your very own gift basket! This Canadian classic is a rare baby product that is sure to be a standout as the foundation of your DIY gift basket Canada, but also then as distinctive chair to highlight your baby’s bedroom and nursery décor.

Crafted from genuine Ontario pine, the Muskoka baby chair is a wonderful item for the customization of your baby basket. Even before the baby can fully sit up and enjoy the chair on his or her own, the chair can sit pretty as a decorative piece. The chair is sturdy enough so your baby can take pleasure in sitting and as they grow older, they can also sit and enjoy the chair themselves. For years to come it can withstand the little one’s play. It is a kid-sized handcrafted Muskoka chair. With authentic details, this nursery heirloom baby piece is just the type of well-designed and stylish wooden chair your precious new arrival deserves!

It’s a cute and practical gift. Add a piece of Canadian flare to spice up the room. It’s large enough for your baby to simply relax on, spacious to curl up for a nap, or play with toys, but not big enough to get in the way of the room itself. If you are looking to take pictures of your little guy or girl to send your bundle of joy to friends and family, the Muskoka baby chair also makes for a wonderful backdrop.