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Masi Campofiorin Premium Italian Wine


A bottle of premium Masi Campofiorin is the perfect wine for sharing with the people you love. Uncork a bottle during celebrations as you sit around the dinner table and share a meal with the most important people in your life. No matter what dishes are being served, this diverse wine is the perfect complement. Serve a gorgeous bottle alongside hearty stews or robust roasts and let the bold, dry taste of this medium bodied wine enhance the richness of the dish. This luxurious Italian wine also pairs perfectly with creamy dishes like spaghetti and risotto.

The deep ruby color of Masi Campofiorin wine is enchanting to behold and the savory aroma of figs and spices will charm your senses. Enjoy the luscious mouth feel of this smooth and luscious red that evokes the taste of figs and ripe cherries with subtle notes of spice. Every bottle of Masi Campofiorin Italian red wine is a luxury indulgence worth sharing.