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Lulujo Swaddle Blanket Box


This Lulujo swaddle blanket box is the perfect item to have to ensure your baby’s safety and security wrapped ever so comfortably in this cover. Lulujo is a trusted brand that offers timeless baby essentials. It makes for a perfect gift either from friends or family or from the new parents directly, this high quality swaddling blanket is functional, safe, and loveable.

Made from 100% cotton, this super soft breathable material treats the sensitivity of baby’s changing internal temperature with respect and care. The lack of a consistent fully formed internal thermostat as a result of young age, the breathability factor is significant to creating and maintaining a level of comfort and ease for your bundle of joy. The more uses, the softer the blanket becomes!

Swaddling is so important in self-soothing and creating a safe place for your baby where the material alone creates this space where they feel warm and held almost because the swaddling blanket is designed specifically for this purpose. Swaddling eliminates risk to ignite a baby’s startle reflex which this prompted would cause them to wake up and be fussy. With his or hers arms rested comfortable by their side, wrapped securely in the Lulujo blanket, there eliminates otherwise potential cause for concern. Newborns enjoy feeling comforted and receive a calming effect when covered in say, a blanket for example, because of the womb-like wrap.

If your baby is warm, they are more likely to sleep unbothered. Loose blankets are not only bad because they do not securely hold your baby but also the access material can be dangerous. Unbox your Lulujo swaddle blanket package and watch your baby comfortable fall asleep with a cute smile on her or his face!