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Lulujo Knit Cellular Blanket


This 100% cotton, Lulujo knit cellular blanket is an essential for any newborn. Cellular blankets are designed to aid airflow for your baby due to the holes strategically integrated in the cloth. A baby’s temperature is more likely to fluctuate in the early stages of their life more than any other. This is because their internal thermostat has yet to be commissioned. Cellular blankets helps babies regulate temperature

The word “cellular” originates from the blanket’s cell-like structure; trapping air thus is functional all-year round. If it’s the harsh winters of Canada or those hot sticky nights in the summer, this type of blanket is designed to be suitable against all sorts of varying weather states; keeping you baby sound asleep through it all! The Lulujo blanket isn’t just for helping your baby get to sleep! It can be used to nurse, burp, cover, and laid down as a mat. The material is breathable, perfect for newborn babies and the more use, the more softer your premium blanket becomes.

Cellular blankets make for great gifts for new parents because of its modern chic look and diverse functionality. Lulujo’s cellular blanket comes pre-washed so it is at your service for you and your baby, from the moment it arrives at your doorstep!  When it is time to give it a good clean, wash in warm water!