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Lulujo Knit Baby Girl Cellular Blanket


Send a lulujo knit baby girl cellular blanket included in one of our baby girl gift baskets today! Lulujo is a reliable and dependable baby brand. It’s blankets are high quality and luxury items sought after by new and existing parents abroad. Luckily, it is a Canadian brand so shop baby gifts Canada and support local businesses!

Part of Lulujo’s baby line, is this cellular blanket made from 100% cotton; meaning it is exceptionally soft and a wonderful fabric safe against your baby girl’s delicate skin. Cellular blankets have an extremely high number of holes in order to allow successful airflow. This design makes it the best option for new parents to choose when bedding their newborn girl. Other blankets cannot be trusted because if they are too heavy then they could cause exhaustion and overheating or maybe they are too thin and your baby gets cold or maybe they are rough and feel bad on sensitive skin.

Cellular blankets and their modern creativity ensures safety. Cellular blankets are multi-functional and serve many purposes other than for aiding in sleep. They also make it easy to layer! It’s permeable material invites opportunity to layer clothes or additional blankets if your baby girl’s temperature deems additional clothing. This versatile accessory comes pre-washed making one-step easier for parents and continues that ease because it is a quick wash.