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Lulujo Baby Boy Cellular Blanket


The best gift for new parents is a Lulujo baby boy cellular blanket! Lulujo is a brand parents can trust and have the utmost confidence in that their baby products are the high quality luxury items that only their precious newborn deserves. Lulujo is also a Canadian business so it is always extra nice to support those local companies and promote products by your country within your country.

Lulujo’s mission to all new and existing parents is to redefine and transform the simple but necessary baby essentials such as blankets and clothes into items that are safe, functional, and loveable. Taking a blanket, a piece of cloth that has been around for centuries and adding cellular design to create a material that does more than just staying warm. The hundreds upon hundreds and teeny tiny holes, mirroring a cell-like pattern, allows for airflow which lends itself to a more breathable and baby-friendly luxury blanket.

Not only will your baby boy feel cozy now but he will also benefit from feeling at ease and a calming effect, feel a reduced level of stress, and learn to self-soothe.  Lulujo’s 100% cotton premium material makes for a super-soft fabric for babies to touch, lay on, play on, hold, or be wrapped with. This multi-functional blanket arrives pre-washed so as soon as your hear that doorbell ring and it is placed at your doorstep, the Lulujo cellular baby boy blanket is available to add to your nursery collection!