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Adorable Bashful Bunny From Jellycat


The Bashful Bunny plush from Jellycat is a wonderful gift for a newborn baby, toddler or small child. Expertly designed with the superb craftsmanship you know and love from Jellycat, this huggable plush toy was made with little hands in mind. Stitched and assembled from safe and reliable resources, the Jellycat Bashful Bunny Plush was built so that parents and tots were sure to sleep soundly.

Gift the exciting Bashful Bunny plush to the little one in your life, or amaze both parents and children by sending one of our top quality baby gift baskets. This Jellycat plush is a phenomenal addition to any of our deluxe gift baskets for new parents. Impress your friends and family and delight their tiny toddler with this stunning and charming toy. Any little one will be elated to play with their new plush Jellycat friend. Discover a charming, soft bunny plush toy available for easy purchasing online.