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Good Night I Love You Baby Book


Your Good Night, I Love You baby book is waiting for parents to share this adorable story with their newborn baby. Bestselling author and illustrator Caroline Jayne Church returns with another success padded board book. With charming illustrations and brilliant rhyming text, this late night story time will be the next big hit in your baby collection!

Shop for the best baby book online and get Good Night, I Love You. It is the perfect story to add to your nightly reading rotation as you get your baby girl or baby boy ready for bed. When he or she just cant keep their eyes open and mom and dad is looking for a quick but wholesome tale to tell their son or daughter, with lovely illustrations and a captivating rhyming pattern, this storybook will sure to have him or her falling into a comfortable slumber with a sweet smile on their face.

Create memories between parents and their baby when your precious little one falls into a sweet slumber by listening to the soothing sound of mom and dad's voice. Spark an imagination through story and invite expression through colour, Reading is so important because it is such an interactive experience. Looking, touching, pointing, asking, and answering questions are all responses in improving cognitive skills.