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First Teddy Gift Basket Boy


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Baby Boy First Teddy Gift Basket Includes:

BABY GANZ MY FIRST TEDDY PLUSH - Your baby boy will grab hold of our baby blue teddy plush. You only sell the safest toys for your newborns to play and snuggle with.

PREMIUM COTTON ONESIE - Save yourself the trouble of buying separate top and bottom clothes. In this baby boy shower gift, pick out the premium cotton onesie that does the work of two.

BABY STORY BOOK- This children's book is the perfect activity for parents to do with their children that is both educational and fun.

RECEIVING BLANKET - A good baby gift basket will include the essentials. A receiving blanket will keep your baby boy feeling warm and looking good.

STORAGE BIN - With a new baby comes a lot of new accessories but not a lot of space. Store all your diapers, baby bottles, formula, toys, and other essentials for your newborn in our white basket. It fits right in your baby boy's bedroom as both decor and practical storage.