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Favourite Wooden Crate With Bunny


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The Favourite Wooden Crate With Bunny Includes:

OWL ONESIES- Premium organic longsleeve onesie to keep your baby warm, comfortable and stylish. With the owl detail on the front, this organic cotton onesies will be one of your favourites. 

HAT WITH EARS- A matching grey and white stripped beanie with 2 cute ears to pair with the owl onesies. This soft beanie is made of organic cotton and is warm and light but not too heavy. Perfect for the spring as it is breatheable.  

LULUJO BLANKET- Grey knitted lulujo blanket. An essentail for all babies and mothers, great to bring for travel or to use at home. Light, soft and breathable. The perfect blanket to use year round as it is not too heavy or light. 

LULUJO SWADDLE BLANKET-  This Animal print swaddle blanket is Made in Canada by Lulujo. This soft breathable blanket is perfect for babies with sensitive skin, and is perfect to regulate your babies temperature as it is not too heavy but still warm. 

FACE CLOTHS- Organic cotton wash cloths to use on your babies fragile and sensitive skin. Reuseable and can also be used for adults. Easy to clean and soft for a gentle clean up. 

JELLYCAT PLUSH- A small jellycat bunny, the perfect size to cuddle for newborns or toddlers. These bunnies are soft, fluffy and angelic.

WOODEN CRATE- This rustic wooden crate can be reused around the house to store diapers, baby toys or books. A perfect addition to any space.