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Favourite Wooden Crate Baby Gift


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An amazing baby gift basket in a stunning wooden crate. This luxurious baby gift is comprised of beautiful, neutral aesthetic items perfect for a newborn and new parents

This wooden crate basket contains:

Onesie - An adorable designed onesie made of organic material that is perfect for your newborn to wear. A cute look and safe to wear.

Lulujo Swaddle Blanket - A multipurposed swaddle blanket that is perfect for new parents. With a beautiful neutral design, parents can rely on having this swaddle blanket in the comfort of their home and on the go.

Lulujo Face Cloth - A soft, reusable facecloth that is an essential for new parents. Made from organic cotton, this material is soft against your baby's skin, and will always come in handy.

Plush - An adorable sheep plush toy that will bring joy to your newborn as they continue to grow. A perfect keepsake for making memories for the whole family.

Lulujo Blanket - A beautiful knitted blanket that will help keep your baby warm. It is a beautiful addition to the aesthetic and items in the basket.

Hat - Grey and white striped hat that is the perfect accessory for keeping your baby warm on a cold day. Beautiful neutral colours that can be paired with almost anything.