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Favourite Wooden Crate Baby Elephant


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The Favourite Wooden Crate Baby Elephant Includes:

THEODORE ELEPHANT PLUSH- A stunning made elephant plush that is absolutely adorable and charming. It is a focal point in this gift basket and will make an excellent gift for any newborn.

LULUJO KNIT BLANKET- Incredible made quality blanket by Lulujo that is very soft and amazing to wrap them up and keep them warm.

ORGANIC LONG SLEEVE OWL ONESIE- Cute onesie made with organic materials for a comfortable and breathable wear, while also looking super chic.

ORGANIC GREY HAT- Matching hat with neutral colors. It has little ears on it that will make your newborn look extra cute and create a perfect photo opportunity.

FACE CLOTHS- Small face cloths made by Lulujo to use after bath time, etc.

LULUJO SWADDLE BLANKET- An adorable swaddle blanket that is cute and soft.

WOODEN CRATE- A unique gift basket base with this gorgeous wooden crate. It can later be reused to store other items and repurposed in the house.