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Cool Newborn Baby Boy Gift


This Cool Gift Basket for Baby Boys includes:

TEDDY BEAR: A classic white teddy bear is a perfect gift included in this baby boy gift basket. Your little boy will love this bear from GUND from the moment he meets his soft and adorable new friend.

BLANKET: You will find such joy and comfort snuggling with your little one using this cotton receiving blanket, made from 100% cotton. This baby boy gift basket would not be complete without this blue gingham patterned blanket.

5-PIECE CLOTHING SET: Made from 100% cotton, this 5-piece clothing set is a gift that both you and your little boy will absolutely love. All pieces showcase a beautiful blue pattern, and the 5-pieces included are:

LONG SLEEVE ONESIE: This long sleeve sleeper with an adorable bear design and a handy 3-button closure is made from super soft cotton that your little one will love.

BODYSUIT: Nothing is easier and more convenient to dress your little one up in than this one-piece bodysuit that will keep your baby boy fashionable from head to toe.

BIB: An essential for any newborn baby, this bib with a teddy bear design is both useful and stylish, and will be a life-saver for keeping your baby boy’s clothes clean during every meal.

HAT: You always have to make sure your little one’s head is kept warm and protected, and this hat apart of this 5-piece set is the perfect item to do so.

MITTENS: Those winter days sure can get quite cold and dry, so these super soft baby mittens will always ensure that your little one’s fingers are kept safe and warm during any colder days.

WHITE GLOSSY BASKET: This baby boy gift basket is presented in a rectangle basket that can be reused for other gift baskets or to out toys, books, or diapers in.