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Cool Baby Girl Gift Basket


This Cool Baby Basket for Girls includes:

TEDDY PLUSH: This soft white teddy bear is an adorable friend for your newborn baby girl to play with and to cuddle with. BabyGUND has created such a cute little friend that your little one will fall in love with each and every day.

BABY BLANKET: Wrap your little baby girl in this pink polka dotted receiving blanket. This washable soft cotton blanket is such a great gift for baby girls.

5-PIECE BABY CLOTHING SET: This clothing set of 5 pieces is perfect for a baby girl as she will look so beautiful in the pink and other soft pastels. Made from 100% cotton and washable, this set includes:

LONG SLEEVE SLEEPER: A soft long sleeve sleeper made from cotton will snuggle your baby girl to bed each and every night she wears this.

BABY BODYSUIT: This washable and cotton short-sleeve baby onesie bodysuit is both stylish and comfortable for your baby girl.

MITTENS: These soft cotton mittens are sure to keep your little girl’s hands warm and clean all day long.

HAT: Keep your little one’s head warm and cozy any time of day during any season with this adorable cotton hat.

BABY BIB: Nothing does a better job at keeping your little one clean and tidy than this cotton and washable baby bib.

WHITE RECTANGULAR BASKET- This white glossy rectangular basket can be reused to organize your babies diapers or anything that needs a place to be stored in.