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Santa Carolina Chardonnay wine


This select bottle of Santa Carolina Chardonnay wine is incredible, crisp white wine is a popular choice for dinner parties and entertaining guests. Impress and delight when you serve this scrumptious selection of deluxe white wine. Extra dry, this medium bodied Chardonnay has subtle notes of vanilla and yellow plum. This sophisticated wine is ideally suited for gifting at corporate gift exchanges during the holiday or surprising your loved ones with an upscale token of your appreciation.

Bring a bottle of Santa Carolina Chardonnay wine with you as a gift when visiting friends and family. Open it at your own dinner table to charm your guests. The cleansing taste and long nutty finish make it the perfect complement to any dinner table. This delightful wine is a stunning choice of top quality Chardonnay from a premium wine label. For any occasion, big or small and everything in between, it's impossible to disappoint with this section of premium chardonnay wine.