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Cat Plush Welcome Baby Girl


The Cat Plush Welcome Baby Girl Includes:

AVA CAT PLUSH- A wonderful plush toy that is a focal point of this gift basket. With its super charming look, it is a great friend for a newborn to grow up with.

COTTON BLANKET- Soft blanket with great material to keep them snuggled up in.

BABY BOOK- Read a sweet baby book with pictures for a bonding experience between parents and their little one.


FOOTED SLEEPER - Comfortable sleeper to dress them up in so they can have a good night sleep.

BODYSUIT - Cute body suit to wear casually around the house, or can be dressed under another outfit as an extra layer.

BIB - Will catch a few spills and messes, a bib will always be needed and an appreciated gift to receive.

MITTENS - Little matching baby mittens to keep their hands warm.

HAT - Dress them in this hat to keep their head and ears warm.