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Cat Plush Luxury Baby Girl Gift Basket


The Cat Plush Luxury Baby Girl Gift Basket Includes:

AVA CAT PLUSH - An adorable cat plush today that any baby girl would love to grow up with and carry around. The quality is durable, the colors are cute and the overall craft and look is amazing. This is a wonderful addition to any gift basket.


KNIT CARDIGAN- This sweet knit cardigan is a chic style while also being used on top of clothes to keep your newborn warm.

KNIT PANTS- Put these pants on to match the look or you can mix and match to create other outfits.

KNIT HAT - Nothing like an adorable knit hat to wear to keep them warmer on days that are colder.

ANIMAL WRAP TOWEL - Make bath time extra fun with this cute designed animal towel to dry off your newborn.

ORGANIC LONG SLEEVE ONESIE - Made with organic material, this long sleeve onesie is breathable and extremely comfortable.

COTTON SHORT SLEEVE ONESIE - When it is a little warmer outside, dress them in this short sleeve onesie for a more airy and breathable wear.

ORGANIC BEANIE WITH EARS - Prepare for the cutest pictures when your newborn is dressed in this cute hat with little ears on it.

COTTON BLANKET - Snuggle them up and keep them warm and comfortable with this amazing cotton blanket.

BOO BAMBOO BABY LOTION - Use this baby lotion to keep your newborn’s skin hydrated and healthy throughout the day.

SWADDLE BLANKET - Muslin swaddle blanket that parents will truly appreciate.

BABY BOOK - Read an adorable baby book with very cute pictures and designs to create a bonding experience.

LUXURY WICKER BASKET- A gorgeous basket that holds the gift together beautifully, and can later be reused for storage or organization around the house.