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Luxury Cakebread Cellars California Wine Gift


Cakebread Cellars California Wine Bottle - From Napa Valley, this red Cabernet Sauvignon is dry wine with tastes of various dark fruits combined with flavours of vanilla and chocolate.

Toast Crackers - With a delicious crunch, these flavourful crackers are made with quinces, poppy seeds and pecans.

Ma’s Kitchen Chocolate - Perfect if you are craving a sweet treat. Made with various nuts and a coat of flavourful toffee that makes this enriched milk chocolate irresistible.

Godiva Chocolate - Mini chocolate pieces filled with hazelnut flavour. Luxurious swiss chocolate makes this a delicate treat.

A luxurious gift box for all wine lovers that is a perfect gift to celebrate significant milestones. Order elegant gift boxes from My Baby Gifts and help celebrate new parents in a thoughtful way by sending your best wishes.