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Birthday Wine Box


BERINGER CABERNET WINE BOTTLE (750ml) -A red Cabernet Sauvignon reigning from Napa Valley. A combination of fruity palettes including raspberry, strawberry and other dark fruit, with the perfect hints of bold and a smoky undertone makes this wine a delicious flavour.

GOURMET COOKIES- This collection of shortbread, buttery cookies are a light and sweet treat.

CHEDDAR COOKIES - Delicious shortbread biscuits made with real Canadian cheddar make this the perfect accent to a wine birthday box.

BIRTHDAY CHOCOLATE BAR - A nice birthday boxed, milk chocolate bar to make this wine box thematic and festive!

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Authentic cocoa powdered French truffles, made with fine quality chocolate will be sure to be a favourite.

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR- Enriched milk chocolate made with high quality ingredients is perfect for any chocolate lover.

LUXURY GIFT BOX - This festive, birthday gift is elegantly tied with a silk ribbon and presented in a stylish black, reusable box.

A thoughtful happy birthday gift to send to a family member or friend. The perfect gift for wine and sweet treat lovers presented in such an elegant way. Send your congratulations by sending a beautiful birthday wine box to celebrate someone you love on their special day.